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You may have paid your premiums for years and expect that when a claim arises Insurers will treat you like a loyal customer and pay out what you request. The reality is very different:

  • Insurers are motivated to maximise their profits
  • Loss Adjusters will seek to reject a claim if possible
  • If liability is admitted, Loss Adjusters will try to minimise your payout

Following a leak in our kitchen we experienced widespread water damage to wood flooring and kitchen units. Fortunately we were insured and submitted a claim to our insurers. They were initially helpful and appointed an adjuster to deal with the matter and a contractor to carry out investigatory works and repairs. It was only when the extent of the damage was fully revealed that the insurer became reluctant to deal with repairs and progress was very slow.

The contractor’s standard of work was poor and the communication between an ever increasing number of representatives from the insurer and contractor was not helpful. It was at this point we realised that the claim was not going to be settled to our satisfaction and the matter was becoming more and more protracted with nothing actually being achieved in the many months since the initial claim.

On the recommendation of a friend we called upon the services of Sam Dony (claims assessor). We discussed the claim with him and our dissatisfaction in the way it was being handled. He was most helpful and explained in detail the way in which it should have been handled and the failings on the insurers part. He was subsequently appointed by us to take over the handling of the claim on our behalf. From this point on Mr Dony arranged all aspects of the claim, dealing with the insurers, arranging a project manager and contractor through a tender process and ensuring that the matter was dealt with properly and professionally. It was only through this intervention that the claim was dealt with to our satisfaction, that the insurance company paid out for the whole of the claim and that the extensive repairs were carried out to a very high standard.

Our only regret was that we had not appointed Mr Dony at the start of the claim which would have ensured a much quicker outcome. We can fully recommend the services of Mr Dony to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.

RC & DC, East London
The success of your claim depends on control. If Insurers and their agents are in control they will benefit at your expense. Henry Dony Associates will take control on your behalf, and orchestrate, negotiate and settle the claim to your benefit.
  • We will scrutinise the small print, ensuring that the policy conditions are not unfairly interpreted against you
  • We will get your business up and running again, in alternative premises if necessary
  • We will maximise your settlement and formulate a claim for business interruption if required
There is a process to be followed to ensure that your claim is settled to your advantage (see The Claims Process ).
  • We will manage all aspects of your claim, including coordination of 3rd parties such as , Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Building Contractors and Valuers, so that your property is reinstated without any compromise on quality
  • We will guide you on what information is required at which stages and when you have to make key decisions
  • We will manage your expectations throughout the claim
Henry Dony Associates will relieve your stress.
  • The trauma of loss is tough enough to deal with. Don’t compound it by attempting to fight Insurers without professional representation
  • We will guide and support you throughout your claim
  • Pursuing insurance claims is very time consuming. By engaging our services you are enabled to continue with your existing commitments as much as possible
Why choose Henry Dony Associates?
  •  We are a family business offering a personal service:
  • We deal with a wide range of claims daily
  • We are experts in policy interpretation, claims management and negotiation
  • We will ensure that your property is reinstated to a high quality
  • We will fight for all your entitlements


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