Domestic – Fire Damage

You may have paid your premiums for years and expect that when a claim arises Insurers will treat you like a loyal customer and pay out what you request. The reality is very different:

  • Insurers are motivated to maximise their profits
  • Loss Adjusters will seek to reject a claim if possible
  • If liability is admitted, Loss Adjusters will try to minimise your payout

I would like to thank you for the exceptional service that you and your team provided to The Creative Clinic following damage to the agency caused by an escape of water.

We appointed you to act for us and you managed to negotiate a far better settlement than the insurers had wanted to pay originally.

You were heavily involved in the entire process, providing advice and support throughout the difficult months during which we had to work in unpleasant conditions as the floor dried out and then during the period of refurbishment when we had to move out temporarily.

I am aware that you dedicated many more hours to the case than you had probably anticipated but despite this you were always willing to help and act with absolute professionalism.

As a result of your sterling efforts, you will always have the recommendation of myself and my team.

Adam Selwyn, Creative Director
The success of your claim depends on control. If Insurers and their agents are in control they will benefit at your expense. Henry Dony Associates will take control on your behalf, and orchestrate, negotiate and settle the claim to your benefit.
  • We will scrutinise the small print, ensuring that the policy conditions are not unfairly interpreted against you
  • We will secure alternative accommodation for you if required
  • We will maximise your settlement and formulate a claim for business interruption if required
There is a process to be followed to ensure that your claim is settled to your advantage (see The Claims Process ).
  • We will manage all aspects of your claim, including coordination of 3rd parties such as , Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Building Contractors and Valuers, so that your property is reinstated without any compromise on quality
  • We will guide you on what information is required at which stages and when you have to make key decisions
  • We will manage your expectations throughout the claim
Henry Dony Associates will relieve your stress.
  • The trauma of loss is tough enough to deal with. Don’t compound it by attempting to fight Insurers without professional representation
  • We will guide and support you throughout your claim
  • Pursuing insurance claims is very time consuming. By engaging our services you are enabled to continue with your existing commitments as much as possible
Why choose Henry Dony Associates?
  •  We are a family business offering a personal service:
  • We deal with a wide range of claims daily
  • We are experts in policy interpretation, claims management and negotiation
  • We will ensure that your property is reinstated to a high quality
  • We will fight for all your entitlements


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